June 15, 2018


There is now a new procedure to evacuate faster

This week a new law has been published (5/2018, June 11) that allows speeding up the current judicial procedure to evict those who illegally occupy a home. The legal tricks so far used by these occupants to slow down the trial and eternalize the launch, are now reduced and terms are shortened with the aim that the property recovers the home as soon as possible.

What is the problem? Since this law excludes companies, the mercantile company that owns an occupied home is not allowed to use this faster procedure, and if it wants to regain possession of the home, it must abide by the "slow" judgment with the consequent desperation also from the community of neighbors of the occupied apartment, in the event that the occupants are not good neighbors ...

Protection measures are foreseen in the event that the occupants are in a situation of economic vulnerability and residential exclusion.

It remains to be seen how the first cases are resolved.

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