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Marc Gassiot Vila (5th Generation). Joan Gassiot Benet (4th Generation)

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Our speciality

Urban and Real Estate Law

  • Urban planning advice: expropriations, urban planning and management, land registry, maritime-terrestrial public domain.
  • Real estate advice: sale and purchase, urban and rural leases, boundaries, works, claims and neighborhood relations.
  • Administrative advice: building and activity licenses, sanctions, patrimonial responsibility of the Administration.
  • Legal defense before Courts and Tribunals.


We can advise you in the following areas of work

Town planning

Real Estate

Administrative law



The story of our legacy

Dear reader

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joan Gassiot Benet and I have been practising law in Barcelona for more than thirty years, specialising in urban planning and real estate law.

I am the fourth generation of a family of lawyers that began in 1903 with my great- grandfather Josep Gassiot Magret, who practised in Paseo de Gracia, 39.

The office where we are currently located, at 303 Mallorca Street in Barcelona, was opened by my grandfather, Joan Gassiot Llorens, who was admitted to the Bar in 1928.

My father, Joan Gassiot Calvet, who was admitted to the Bar in 1959, was the one who taught me the art of negotiation, honesty with the client, values among colleagues and the importance of perseverance in work and study.

Today, my son, Marc Gassiot Vila, represents the fifth generation of this lineage of lawyers.

In a world in constant change, I am deeply proud of the trust our clients have placed in us for more than a century, with many of them repeating themselves generationally. We are a family firm, where the values and experience gained from previous generations is our cornerstone. The firm is full of stories and files, which together with the current experiences, allow us to continue offering a rigorous and honest service.

Joan Gassiot Benet

Imagen de las 4 generaciones de Gassiot AdvocatsImagen de las 4 generaciones de Gassiot Advocats

Our team

A team that will be by your side to give you the best recommendations

Foto Joan Gassiot Benet

Joan Gassiot Benet

Lawyer - Member of the Bar No. 15.444

Foto Ruth De Tera Àlvarez

Ruth De Tera Àlvarez

Lawyer - Member of the Bar No. 23.336

Foto Antonio Rodríguez Chacón

Antonio Rodríguez Chacón

Lawyer - Member of the Bar No. 30.216

Foto Marc Gassiot Vila

Marc Gassiot Vila

Lawyer - Member od the Bar No. 47.166

Foto Tamara Mireia Fernández García

Tamara Mireia Fernández García

Law Graduate

Foto Administrative staff

Administrative staff

Last news

Up to date on legal information

April 12, 2024

Principle of local autonomy.

Nullity of the Urban Development Master Plan, which cannot replace a Municipal Development Plan.

April 4, 2023

The BOPB of 3 April 2023 published the announcement of the initial approval of the Metropolitan Urban Development Master Plan (PDUM).

November 7, 2022


BOPB 28-10-2022

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