May 18, 2021

The Catastral Parcel, the Registral Estate and the reality.

Catastral Parcel

Ideally, when buying a property that has a piece of land as its object, the actual measurements of the land with the geo-referenced coordinates should be included in the deed, thus adapting the boundaries, which are often outdated in the Register.

It is desirable that the physical reality, the registered property and the cadastral parcel coincide.

But it often happens that the physical reality of a property does not coincide with its description in the Land Registry or in the Cadastre.

The cadastral parcel is defined as the portion of the land area delimited by the perimeter contour of the property.

A cadastral parcel can comprise several registered properties and conversely, a registered property can comprise several cadastral parcels.

For this reason, a joint Resolution of the General Directorate of Legal Security and Public Faith and the General Directorate of Cadastre has been published in BOE no. 90, of 15-4-21, approving the technical rules for the incorporation of the graphic representation of real estate in notarial documents. The aim is to ensure consistency between the literary description of the plot of land in the public instrument and the graphic description in the Real Estate Cadastre.

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