December 16, 2016

Steps to install a charging point

Steps to be followed by an electric vehicle owner

Scheme of action:

  1. Submit a request to the President / Administrator of the Community of Owners of the parking lot, expressing said interest and detailing the parking space in which the installation is desired.
  2. In this letter, if the work involves alteration of common elements, the possibility of carrying out the community electrical installation necessary for future private charging points can be offered. The economic cost of the community installation will be distributed among the members of the Community of Owners, and it is the interested party in their private charging point, who pays for their final installment, being also responsible for the cost of the electrical energy of their vehicle.
  3. The Community of Owners, in accordance with article 553-25 of the Civil Code of Catalonia, must approve or reject the community installation agreement, by a simple majority.
  4. If the Community does not authorize it, the owner will inform of his willingness to carry out the installation, providing the technical project, 30 days before the start of the work. Within this period, the Community may propose an alternative and reasonable solution to its general interests.
  5. If two months elapse without the alternative installation becoming effective, the interested owner may execute the installation that he had originally planned.

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