March 26, 2021

Certificate of urban planning

Security for the developer

We advise the Promoter to make use of article 105 of Legislative Decree 1/2010, of August 3, which approves the Consolidated Text of the Urban Planning Law, in Catalonia, and always has a URBAN REGIME CERTIFICATE in force (not the urban report) of the farm that you plan to build even if you do not build it in the near future.

The urban certificate includes the building parameters of the farm at the time of your request, and the most important thing is that the City Council when it grants the certificate, it will do so recognizing the urban legislation in force on the date of your request and not the one on the date of its granting, if it has changed.

But be careful! We will only have a period of 6 months -from the granting of the certificate- to present the building license within this period. If this is done, the City Council is obliged to grant the license that conforms to this certificate, even if at the time of the presentation of the license, a suspension of licenses is agreed for reasons of planning review or urban planning has changed.

As the plots are worth depending on what can be built, we can conclude that this urban certificate is worth its weight in gold. Tip: keep it current and renew it before it expires.

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