June 21, 2021

Campsites in Catalonia now have their own Urban Development Master Plan.

The Urban Master Plan for Camping Activities was finally approved on 10-6-2021 by the Comissió de Territori de Catalunya (Territorial Commission of Catalonia).

On 10 June, the Territorial Commission of Catalonia definitively approved the Urban Development Master Plan (PDU) for camping activities.

This Master Plan, on the one hand, specifies general guidelines that will affect the establishment of campsites throughout Catalonia (except in the Aran territory); on the other hand, it establishes recommendations for town councils when authorising new establishments in their municipalities, and it also establishes specific aspects of design and planning for new campsites.

With regard to existing campsites, the Master Plan establishes a transitional regime that allows extensions provided that they are linked to improving the quality of the services and the landscape adaptation of the facilities. It also specifies that existing facilities that do not meet the criteria of the UDP may remain in the territory on a transitional basis, if the municipal planning so considers, subject to certain conditions. Finally, several possible interventions on existing campsites to improve the risk of flooding are pointed out".

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