September 12, 2019

Barcelona metropolitan area

Work is underway for the new urban master plan

After 43 years and more than 1200 partial modifications of the Metropolitan General Plan (14-7-76), the Administrations have adopted the commitment to equip themselves with a new Master Plan for this metropolitan area that covers 36 municipalities and more than 3.5 million of people.

The will is that it be definitively approved within three years, and until the end of this year the term of advance of plan to open proposals is open.

It will not be an easy task to agree on the interests and wills of 36 different municipalities. The new plan will have to deal with the following challenges: social inequality, mobility and environmental problems, the balance between municipalities and finally the role of capital of the metropolitan area.

Voices are heard warning of the need to plan and implement public transport routes that connect this large metropolitan area with the large populations that are outside it but in the near future will have to house much of the working population of this AMB , because the territory of the same will not be able to absorb the necessary buildings if the increase is tried to limit to 3%.

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